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Physical Therapy for TMJ (Temporomandibular Disorders) in Bergenfield, NJ

TMJ pain, also known as TMD, is a very difficult area of the temporomandibular joint disorder - when affected, people may experience pain, pressure, weakness and Headaches caused by TMJ joints. The joint combines the chewing function, swallowing and stabilizing the cervical spine and Shoulder Pain girder. TMJ pain affects patients in many ways - it does not give you the ability to chew without pain, cracking or noise when opening/closing the mouth, headache, migraine and muscle tension in the neck, face and hands.

TMJ & Orafacial Pain Bergenfield


The TMJ connector connects the lower jaw to the skull. TMJ bids are made up of very important relationships and muscles.


  • Opening – inferior head of lateral pterygoid, anterior digastric, mylohyoid.
  • Closing – masseter, anterior and middle temporalis, medial pterygoid, superior head lateral pterygoid.
  • Protrusion – bilateral contraction of the lateral pterygoid.
  • Retrusion – middle and posterior temporalis, posterior portion of masseter.
  • Laterotrusion – ipsilateral middle and posterior temporalis, contralateral inferior head lateral pterygoid.


  • Temporomandibular ligament
  • Stylomandibular ligament
  • Oto-mandibular ligaments
  • Discomalleolar ligament
  • Anterior malleolar ligament

The muscles are responsible for mastification (chewing)- these muscles are one of the strongest muscles in the human body. The load transfer through the TMJ joint exceeds 200lbs when opening and closing the mouth. The TMJ also plays a very important role in balance.


TMJ pain depends on the area and structures that have been irritated and affected by the brain, causing a fire in specific areas of the joint. TMJ pain is often confused with a tooth problem where the patient goes to the dentist for relief. Missing teeth or structural disorders are rarely attributed to pain. Most studies show stress and tension as a causative agent of disorder. Symptoms of TMJ pain include, but are not limited to:

  • Fatigue in the face
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Pain or discomfort biting
  • Toothaches
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Earaches
  • Shoulder pain
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Pain, tightness and tenderness in the jaw, neck of face
  • Clicking, popping or grinding sounds when opening or closing the mouth


At Physical Therapy near Teaneck, a physician will begin a comprehensive study of the onset, cause, duration, severity and pain of TMJ pain. TMJ rarely, if any requires radiography.

Comprehensive TMJ Pain Treatment in Bergenfield, NJ

At Physical Therapy near Englewood Cliffs, we have extensive experience in treating TMJ pain. Based on functional evaluations, we create an individual treatment plan. TMJ is a musculoskeletal and muscle disorder in the joint that causes inequality. TMJ pain will be treated both outside the face and inside to reduce certain muscles. TMJ pain is deeply linked to neck muscles and muscle abuse, causing headaches and pain - identified and treated appropriately. In addition to releasing superficial neck muscles, physicians and physiotherapists will treat deep cervical wounds. With proper general training, the TMZ ratio will achieve the right balance. The rehabilitation program will aim to eliminate pain, increase movement range and increase the stability of the entire joint.